Monday, 2 December 2013

Cameron, Clegg and Osborne have one answer: spend more and borrow more!

The irony can't be lost on many that Cameron - who always says that Labour's answer to everything is "spend more and borrow more" can come up with no other solution to the cost of living crisis in relation to the big 6 energy companies.

He's happy to intervene in markets in many ways - he's had to abandon his neo-liberal instincts in the face of the overwhelming evidence that free market politics have failed - but he just can't bring himself to stand up to wealthy and powerful people.  Whether they're energy bosses or the Chinese or Saudi governments, he's attracted to them and in awe of them.  He'd much rather we pay - through taxation - than for successful companies to have obligations, despite the huge profits they make at the expense of the British people.

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